I have a habit of fostering interest for seemingly unrelated things. Biology, Heidegger, farming, event planning, pottery, running marathons, birth doula-ing, and making fried rice. 

I'm a Boulder, Colorado native that transplanted to the Twin Cities many many moons ago. So far, it's going swimmingly.

I graduated with a degree in Biology and Philosophy. Since then I have been merging those worlds. I enjoy systems, lists, and process. I also thrive with the abstract, creative and critical thinking. Working with my hands brings me joy, cooperating with people brings me energy, and learning new things is my M.O. 

In a further effort to marry my strategic and creative worlds, I dove head first into UX Design as a student at Prime Digital Academy. This program is an intense immersive bootcamp that focuses on design, organization and technology. I will graduate in mid-July with a comprehensive understanding of the UX design process and a foundation of visual design and usability principles.

So far I really love prototyping (get at me Axure, InVision, Sketch), user interviews (and other methods of research), and performing usability tests. 

Oh, and I'm going to want a job, so let's talk!